MarKay's Castle of the Dogs Inc.
In designing our kennel great care has been taken to make your pet's stay with us as stress free as possible. The total design is geared towards safety, sanitation and comfort. The castle has a state of the art ventilation and climate control system that will keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Our outdoor runs are 12 feet long and have overhead coverage for half of that space to insure that your dog can enjoy being outside, yet have protection from any weather elements. We offer two different size runs considering some of our guests are large and some "brothers and sisters" might want to share living quarters. The five-acre perimeter is totally fenced in as well as the kennel perimeter and the kennel itself, making it a truly safe haven.

Our cat enclosures are five feet tall and include three perches per unit. They are made of steel to insure your cat will be staying in a sanitary environment. Our Cattery features two large windows for your cat's viewing pleasure.

All dogs staying at The Castle get AM and PM meals and a morning and afternoon playtime.

(Per Night)

Regular Run one dog $29 Large Run with one additional dog $50
Regular Run with additional dog $47 Cats $10
Large Run one dog $32    
Additional Services
Private Play (For dogs who "can't play with others") (extra per day)  $6
Farm Tour $10 Transporation each way $18
Medications $1    

Holiday Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes plans change or emergencies arise. Since The Castle is a small, private boarding and training facility, the number of dogs we are able to accommodate is very limited.

Holiday reservations (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break) are at a premium. In order to guarantee our clients the best possible service, it has become necessary to establish this policy:

When a client cancels their reservation within 14 days of the first day of boarding, they will be charged 50% of the full amount of the reservation, without exception, unless the reservation can be filled.

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