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A well-designed program backed up with love and consistency will help your
dog grow and adopt behaviors that make it an excellent companion for life. We strongly advise you
to investigate any potential trainer thoroughly. Your best assurance of competency comes from a
variety of factors: a positive training method, a long track record of experience and satisfied, repeat clients. Referrals from people you trust are an excellent resource- ask your veterinarian
or friends with well-trained dogs who they recommend or used.

Board & Train

Many pet owners with demanding schedules appreciate this option: a training program in which your dog stays at the Castle. Our "Doggie Camp" program is unparalleled for its thoroughness. Consistency is the goal...and the hallmark of training that lasts! This option is available for the beginner dog as well as tune ups for the intermediate dog.

Because your dog is trained by a professional, the training is intense, personal, comprehensive, and completely individualized to your dog's temperament and current behaviors. In this environment, results come quickly.

Your dog will be taught to behave appropriately in a variety of settings: in the home, on the street, in the park, even in "social" situations (like a pet store visit.)

Because your dog's training program is individualized, we will address particular behavior problems—like pulling, biting/mouthing, excessive barking, and chewing—and correct them in less time than usual.

Private Lessons

Available on a lesson-by-lesson basis, private lessons provide a truly individualized approach to training. Your trainer will schedule these lessons at your convenience, and will tailor the training to your particular dog. This can be especially valuable to correct nuisance behaviors, or when multiple family members want to be involved in the training process.

Kathy McCarthy Olshein has unmatched credentials:

• More than 25 years training experience
• Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
• Program Leader/Vice President/Dog Evaluator Chenny Troupe ( a non-profit animal assisted therapy organization)
• Experienced in showing dogs at AKC obedience trails (novice through utility levels)
• Bred and shown Champion Great Danes
• Experienced temperament tester for puppy selection
• Television commercials as well as magazine advertising
• Guest lecturer as well as Radio/TV appearances

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